To be a great leader, you should always be open to learning. A leader is only as strong as his team, which is why it’s important to learn new ways to bond and become more effective as a team. Podcasts have become great outlets for leaders to learn new skills and help their team perform better.  

Hello Monday

LinkedIn’s senior editor Jessi Hempel hosts Hello Monday weekly to discuss and share how to change the face of teamwork. She often brings on guests to discuss the topics on how to improve teamwork and let her guests share their expertise on the subject. In 2019 she welcomed Michael Lombardi, former NFL talent scout and then-New England Patriots assistant coach, to talk about the art of assembling teams. This is a great podcast for leaders to learn how to build the perfect team and make their current team stronger.

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manger is hosted by Alison Green, founder of the website, to help employees learn effective ways of talking about hard issues at work. She often time brings in new managers to give them advice or invite leaders to discuss their own thoughts on the subject. Although this podcast no longer releases new episodes, it is a great source for leaders and their teams to listen to. There are many old episodes available that are well worth the listen. 

What Great Bosses Know

Hosted by Jill Geisler, What Great Bosses Know is a great podcast to improve leadership skill and knowledge. Geisler uses her is an expert knowledge in leadership and management that she developed to teach and coach leaders worldwide. In her podcast, she gives listeners practical leadership lessons on how to be a great bosses. Each episode is focused on a question that challenges managers and other types of leaders. Much of the time the discussion is focused on leadership, communication, and trust.

Beyond the To-Do List

Leaders and their team will greatly benefit from listening to Beyond the To-Do List. Hosted by Erik Fisher, this podcast mainly deals with choosing the right projects, tasks, and goals in work and life. The discussions on this show are aimed at helping people beyond productivity. Fisher talks with everyday people who know how to practically and effectively implement their own productivity strategies into the workplace and personal their lives. It’s an inspiring podcast to help move beyond fail to and succeed in moving forward.