In order to be a strong and effective leader, it’s important to have trust with your team. If your team doesn’t trust you or if you do not trust them, it can lead to a toxic work environment. By having a team built on trust, your team will be stronger, more efficient, and more productive. It’s imperative to know as a leader how to build better trust with your team:

Stick to Your Vision

When leading your team, it’s important to know and demonstrate a clear vision for your team. Make sure everyone knows the company’s mission so they are able to align around it. In order for them to produce meaningful work and remain dedicated to the company. Having this vision in mind can not only help improve the success of the team in general, but also the individual worker. As their leader, it is your job to set a clear vision for everyone to align with and strive for. 

Be a Role Model

It takes more than just setting goals and stating the mission. As a leader, it is imperative for you to be the role model of your team. If your team sees you demonstrating what it means to be dedicated to the company and producing meaningful work, they will follow. It also helps them trust you more when they see you putting in the same work, if not more than them. By seeing your hard work and dedication, they are more likely to trust that this is what it takes to be successful. 

Remain Transparent

The best way to build trust is by being honest with your team. Become a more transparent leader by letting your team know both the good and the bad. If you were to lose a client, let them know how and why it happened. If someone in your team performed above and beyond, be sure to let the rest of the team know and give recognition. This kind of honesty builds trust and makes a stronger team.

Take Feedback Seriously

To keep your team performing at its best, it’s important to ask for feedback and take it seriously. If someone has a question, comment, or concern, don’t it fall through the cracks. When the team feels they are being heard and sees you working to make improvements when they are needed, they learn to trust you better. Your employees will trust a leader who cares enough to hear them. Make sure to take every piece of feedback to heart and always be working towards improvement.