Graham Zahoruiko has over 25 years of C-Level leadership experience as a transformational growth leader. In his current professional role, Graham taps into his early roots as a repeat start-up entrepreneur, having founded two Software and IT services companies –  Refresh Software and Spaceweb Corporation. Due to the multiple hats that an entrepreneur wears and the need for thinking outside of the box, Graham obtains a vast skill set unlike many others. Having the ability to make adjustments, fundraise, complete product development, develop marketing and sales strategy, and create innovative business models allows Graham to apply these talents to nearly any business and department.

Graham Zahoruiko is an independent management consultant helping leaders improve shareholder value through strategic improvements and transformations in entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, and culture. He has a keen talent for balancing the business and financial impact of decisions along with the people side of the equation.

Possibly even more important than Graham’s business endeavors is his passion for philanthropic and humanitarian causes. Graham’s lifelong passion for participating in the advancement of causes in which he believes was instilled in him from a young age. He participated in the Boy Scouts of America and received the Eagle Scout Award in 1987. Over the years, Graham Zahoruiko grew increasingly dedicated to fighting for the civil rights of the voices of children, actively pursuing efforts to transform our justice system through greater independent oversight.

Graham is also profoundly dedicated to his work with the 911 Foundation. He participates in “the 911 ride”, an annual 1,000-mile motorcycle event in which participants travel to all three 911 crash sites. This event raises thousands of dollars every year to go toward scholarships for the children of people who died on September 11th.

Above all, Graham is a devoted family man and father, committed to providing a steady moral compass for his children. His philanthropic efforts are a vital element in shaping this outlook and instilling decent values in his family. Through his professional experiences, both in his businesses and in advising others, Graham Zahoruiko has learned and incorporated the all-important values of responsibility and hard work, which he also wishes to impart to his children and those close to him. Graham also knows it’s important to take time to pursue recreational activities that fulfill and reinvigorate you. For Graham, this means hitting the open road on his motorcycle.