Graham Zahoruiko Evergreen Skills

Searching for a job is quite the task. Many consider job searches to be nothing but a hassle. As you search for the right position, the best company, killer employee benefit and overall the best job possible, there are a few things you should keep in mind. While you go through the interview process, make sure you touch on all of the skills employers are looking for. Here are 5 evergreen skills employers want.


5. Time Management


Don’t be late. It’s that simple. Time management is a skill that employers love to see in their employees. Your self-awareness will give you the best understanding of how you use your time. Employers want to hire employees that will not only manage their time wisely but utilize every minute they have.

No employer wants to pay for someone who wastes time on the clock. Attending meetings, clocking in and maintaining to meet deadlines is essential in any job. A major part aspect of time management can also relate to one’s motivation. Staying motivated in your position will also determine how productive you are. Without productivity, no one can possibly have good time management skills.

4. Team Work


One of the first questions an employer is bound to ask you in your interview would be about your ability to work with others. Teamwork is essential for offices, especially in an open-office environment. Often, employees have to work together to get a task done. Employers are looking for someone who can manage their amount of work without falling behind or taking over others.


Before an interview, practice strategy for answering the teamwork interview question. Make sure you can give an example of a time where you utilized your teamwork skills prior to the job.


3. Problem Solving


A career without problems that arise is virtually non-existent. Any considerable employee must show they have a skill set when it comes to problem-solving. During an interview, employers want to hear answers that prove you know how to solve a problem effectively and efficiently. Often, employees without problem-solving skills end up causing more problems as they try to resolve them.


2. Values


Your work values, what you want out of a job and what you expect of your job are also an important factor employer will consider in an interview. Although large companies and other businesses have a poor reputation for not caring about their employees, let the company know what you value most. This will show your interviewer not only if you’re a good fit for the company, but if the company is a good fit for you.


1. Communication


The number one sought after skill in employees is communication. Communication is how you work. It’s what you say, how you work with others, how you work with clients and customers and more. Communication is how you listen, how you talk and how you handle others that your position requires you to work with. Employers will always favor an interviewee with better communication skills than one who is lacking that skill set.