Cedar Management Consulting International, a global consulting, advisory and analytics firm recently acquired IBS publishing, a UK based financial technology research, publication and consulting firm. Establishing themselves as a leader in their field, CMCI looks to diversify their holdings and expand to uncharted territories with this recent acquisition.

IBS, established in 1991, has a strong research platform recognized throughout the industry. As the definitive source for analytics relating to global financial technologies, IBS is a staple of their industry.

Research and consulting are a pair that cannot coexist without one another. Lacking the proper information supplied by research, one cannot perform an adequate consultation. By combining the research capacity of IBS with Cedar Management Consulting Internationals established name in consulting, Cedar is looking to increase their cross-selling opportunities with custom services brought on by IBS. By merging the strengths of both companies, Cedar’s already formidable hold on the market will be ever increased.

Cedar, a leader in global consulting, currently operates in over 16 countries, with 500 professionals servicing over 1000 clients. Opening its doors in 1985, Cedar’s goal as a general management consulting firm has been to assist in the integration of business technologies, and the implementation of business strategies to optimize a client’s company output.

After acquiring IBS, CMCI has increased their own effectiveness dramatically, adopting a strategy they’ve imparted to countless companies in the past.

Consulting hundreds of clients every year, Cedar hopes to increase their quality of service and comprehensive coverage with the added talents of IBS. By maintaining their already stellar reputation, Cedar will further cement themselves as leaders in their industry. Bringing quality consultations backed by the researching prowess of IBS to all future clientele.