A true leader knows how to truly lift someone else up, giving them the proper guidance to unlock their full potential. Real leadership goes far beyond just giving people a list of what needs to be done. I recently came across this article, which discusses some interesting takes on what it means to be a real leader. Here are five habits that all great leaders share.

1) Be Genuine

In a world full of fake deceitful people, authenticity is quickly becoming an endangered quality. But if you have the confidence and courage to just be yourself, instead of the person you or anyone else thinks you should be, that along will distinguish you from all the digital clones. When you are true to yourself, people take notice. This builds trust, which is essential to leadership.

2) Focus On What Matters

In the digital age, it is easy for us to become distracted, detached, and disengaged. This is somewhat comical because technology makes us feel connected, but instead we are all just vying for attention. Realign yourself with what really matters. This will instantly help you focus on the important things in life, helping you become a more effective leader in the process.

3) Carve Your Own Path

It does not matter how many books you read or seminars you attend, the only person that can lead you on a path to success is yourself. Listen to yourself. You have a wealth of self-knowledge, perspective, and experience in the real world that will help guide you down a path in which you will thrive.

4) Question The Status Quo

One common trait that all great CEO’s share, is a lack of patience for the status quo. Don’t believe me? Check out how these successful entrepreneurs created their company culture:

Mark Zuckerberg – The Hacker Way

John Mackey – Conscious Capitalism

Steve Jobs – Think Differently

5) Create Energy

A great leader has the unique ability to engage and empower others to rise above themselves. Through the empowerment of others, a leader and his or her team can accomplish anything. With the proper energy, a team can become a cohesive unit that is capable of achieving more than any one person can ever dream of achieving alone.