How You Can Become an Approachable Leader

Graham Zahoruiko Leadership

In every company or organization there are key elements to the leadership that directs each team. Strong leadership skills are required for a good leader, but also to create a good team. One extremely important key to strong leadership is approachability. This takes leadership beyond standing in front of a team by allowing anyone on the team to openly approach with ideas, concerns and enough comfortability to talk to their leader. Leadership is more than telling a team what to do. Here’s how you can become an approachable leader.

Manage Your Emotions

In the workplace, it’s very easy for stress levels and tension to rise. This quick action can cause unnecessary conflict, and often makes employees feel uncomfortable. Unmanaged emotions are a sign of a weak leader. One of the most important rules in leadership is to keep your emotions under control. When frustration brews, it’s easy for leaders to show their emotions on their sleeves. However, in terms of approachability, any member on the team will avoid an easily frustrated leader.

If you want to be approachable, learn to get your emotions under control. This is a sign of strength, and will make employees more willing to come to you with their questions, needs and other work-related matters.

Build Trust

As you build trust in the workplace, you’ll notice your employees are more motivated and confident in their ability to do their jobs. Establish trust by encouraging other employees. One of the best ways you can keep your employees encouraged is through remaining actionable to the words you say. If you make promises, ensure that you keep them. If you come across failure, admit it instead of hiding it. Transparency is key to getting employees to trust you and believe in you as their leader.

Always Say Thank You

Notice the hard work and effort employees do on a daily basis. This expression of gratitude is comforting and mood boosting, not only to your employees but also to yourself. Try to pay more attention to the details. Always thank your employees for their hard work and point out a job well done. When you build a sense of confidence, your team will feel more motivated and that will reflect upon your approachability.

Remove the Pedestal

Leadership is an important role, with mounds of pressure on anyone in a high position. It’s all too easy for leaders to get a big head, making employees often resentful of a leader as their respect diminishes. Approachable leaders know when to step down and place themselves on the same level as their employees. This builds respect and trust between leaders and employees on a team.

If you’re looking to be a more approachable leader, know when you need to step up and when you need to lower yourself. Approachable leaders encourage their employees to openly come to them to talk, encourage employees by noticing their hard work and most importantly keep the success of not only the company but also the employees in priority.

Top Management Consulting Firms

graham zahoruiko, a great resource for anyone in or preparing for a career in management consulting, had a recent article that outlined the top 10 management consulting firms of 2014. The list, originally compiled by, compiled these rankings based on a survey that was given to consultants around the world. I thought it might be worthwhile to share some of the information about some of the top ranked firms, specifically the “Big Three”. Though I list them below in no particular order, these firms are regularly regarded as some of the top in the world.

McKinsey & Company – Established in 1926, McKinsey operates in 60 countries, and is regarded for its business information, recruitment, and senior management problem solving. Widely known for being one of the most selective firms in terms of recruitment and hiring, only about 1% of yearly applicants are accepted.

Bain & Company – Bain is based out of Boston, and operating out of 32 countries is also regarded as one of the world’s top firms. They provide consulting services to some of the largest companies and nonprofit groups in the world, and claim to abide by and seek the following values – integrity, intelligence, ambition, and passion. These key tenets are good for anyone in or seeking to enter the industry to keep in mind.

The Boston Consulting Group – Founded in 1963, BCG works out of 43 countries, and advises private, public, and nonprofit organizations. Though also very demanding in its recruiting process, BCG is regularly ranked very highly in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to work for.