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Networking Tips Everyone Needs in Business

Networking Tips Everyone Needs in Business

Graham Zahoruiko Business Networking Tips

If you ask the average person on the street, networking is a daunting term. They associate it with intimidation and often manipulation. A common view of networking isn’t a positive one– but networking is one of the most beneficial aspects of business. Here are ways to take your networking game to the next level for you and your business.

Get Ahead

Go into any networking scenario with an attitude of giving before your receive, and you will find it to be incredibly valuable. First, you are establishing your brand in the marketplace as someone who care. Additionally you are demonstrating your value in your ability to provide innovative solutions. Generally in the world of business, before someone else is willing to give you something they want to know what benefits you bring to the table. This perspective is just being one step ahead of the game.

Listen First

Instead of throwing your elevator pitch at everyone you shake hands with, wait to talk until the other person has expressed who they are as well as their values. If you become known as a great listener, everyone will love being in your presence. You’ll also give yourself the opportunity to pinpoint what potential can come from this connection.

Be an Attracting Force

If you are trying too hard to meet people and connect with them, it will show. Instead, imagine your ideal self image and how you can position yourself as an attracting force– show them you have something they didn’t know they needed until you came along. Try to fulfill this image every time you are in networking contexts. The results may surprise you. You might just find that more and more people are approaching you, instead of the other way around. The difference is that you are radiating a qualities they can benefit from.

Confidence Without

When networking, you are naturally drawn towards people who carry themselves in a more professional manner. Those mannerisms include confidence. Professionals that show they are confident in themselves as well as their abilities are more approachable and attractive to other networkers.

Although there are no perfect measures to proper networking, by following these simple tactics and principles you will find that you are meeting and greeting new people in the business world around you in a more efficient way.

Here’s Why Employee Morale Matters More Than You Think

Here’s Why Employee Morale Matters More Than You Think

Employee morale is not just a passing trend or something that you should pay mere lip service towards. While there might be a distinction between work and home for you and your employees, employees need to feel cared for and supported in their position at your company. Low employee morale means that your workplace can feel hostile in many regards. The guide below will walk you through reasons why employee morale matters more than you think.



People are focused on staying healthy in many ways, from what they eat to what they touch, the workplace is a major part of that daily routine. Work-related stress (as well as other factors) can trigger depression, anxiety, and much more. No workplace should push employees to the brink– making them feel worried and unwell. No company should ever expect a good output from an employee who is working under tremendous pressure. Improving employee morale can reduce work-related stress factors and increase the overall health of employees.



Having people work more doesn’t mean that they’re going to be more productive. It might seem like they get more done, but in reality, the quality is inferior. Demanding employees to meet intense quotas means they’re going to be harried and unlikely to adhere to quality. Productivity should be championed in a proper manner. Employers should take pride in employees for not how fast they work but rather, how well they work.


Feeling Welcomed

The workplace needs to be distinct from other aspects of an employee’s life. There are things that shouldn’t be discussed at work, such as off-color and divisive topics. However, employees should feel comfortable in their work environment. In highest priority, proper treatment and respect of people in the workplace is a great way to improve morale. Managers should take the time to learn about their employees and invest in understanding them as individuals. Even if it’s just a casual acquaintanceship, a manager can forge a decent bond with employees and make them feel like they are known and cared about.



If employees aren’t satisfied in a workplace, they’re going to leave. While it may not be instantaneous, their dissatisfaction can easily be spotted. High turnover is a huge indicator of low morale. It’s crucial to promote employee morale in order to keep a business thriving. This isn’t just for the benefit of a company; it’s also for the benefit of the people.

The Hidden Aspects of Burnout

The Hidden Aspects of Burnout

Graham Zahoruiko Burnout Blog


Many people who enter the business world are hard driving go-getters. They want to succeed, and are willing to push themselves in order to gain this success. In the business world, this type of attitude is generally applauded. After all, who wouldn’t want to go into business with someone who is hardworking and proven their business hustle?


As with all efforts, however, there is a price to pay. Even if someone enjoys their work, constant work and stress definitely has consequences. The tricky part about these consequences, however, is that many times they are cumulative. In other words, it takes a while for their true effects to be seen, and their source may not even be obvious because they’ve slowly increased over time. What is the actual source, however? The answer: burnout.


So what is burnout, exactly? In her article in Psychology Today, Paula Davis-Laack defines burnout as being out of sync with one or more aspects of your life chronically. Many times in business, this means that your work is taking over your entire life, and other aspects of who you are could be threatened and neglected. The article cites research that showed how work over-load was one of the common ways that people reach burnout, among other reasons.


In many ways, what relates the different paths to burnout is similar: chronic stress. Stress can come from a variety of sources, be it relationships, careers or negative encounters with people. With the level on connectedness that technology offers today, many people are simply overwhelmed by thousands of small stresses that occur over the course of a day. When days add up into weeks, and then months, the level of stress can build to a burnout. Burnout can have negative impacts on relationships and motivation due to its affect on your body and mind.


Because of how long burnout takes to develop, it can remain hidden for quite a while. Soon enough, however, the negative consequences of constant stress on your health and state of mind, as well as relationships, will start to show. At that point, its best to take a pause, relax and evaluate your life. Do you really need to be working 75 hour weeks? Are there toxic relationships you need to cut out or drastically modify? These types of questions can help recenter you on what is important and what is not.

About Graham Zahoruiko

Graham Zahoruiko is an organizational effectiveness leader, but his endeavors, both in business and otherwise, extend far beyond this.

In his current professional role, Graham Zahoruiko leverages his early roots as a startup entrepreneur, having previously founded two Software and IT services companies – Refresh Software and SpaceWeb Corporation. Graham designed and implemented the initial concept, business plan, fundraising, go-to-market and ongoing sales strategy, leading to $5 million from a syndicate of over a dozen private investors, venture capitalists, and venture debt firms for product development, marketing, and sales.

Given all of the hats an entrepreneur must wear, and the necessity in such environments of thinking outside the box, innumerable skills are acquired through the founding of startups, including the ability to make adjustments, fundraising, product development, marketing, and sales strategy, and the ability to create innovative business models. Graham Zahoruiko brings a strong focus to each assignment with his roll-up-the-sleeves execution style. Graham understands the importance of surrounding yourself with a quality team and working together to achieve success, knowing that the success of a team is more rewarding than any one individual.  This wide array of talents can subsequently be applied to almost any business, and to any department within it.

Even more important than Graham Zahoruiko’s business ventures is his passion for humanitarian and philanthropic causes. He is the Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Public Benefit Corporation ( who’s own advocacy efforts focus on families, children and disadvantaged. As a participant in the Boy Scouts of America and a recipient of the Eagle Scout Award in 1987, a lifelong passion and drive to participate in the advancement of causes in which he believes was instilled in Graham from a young age. One such cause to which he is dedicated is the fight for the civil rights of the voices of children, which he promotes through his active efforts to transform our justice system through greater independent oversight.

Graham Zahoruiko is also deeply committed to his work with the 911 Foundation and participates in “the 911 ride”, a yearly 1,000-mile motorcycle event in which participants travel to all three 911 crash sites. This event raises thousands of dollars every year that go toward scholarships for the children of people who died on September 11th.

Most importantly, Graham Zahoruiko is a deeply committed family man and father, dedicated to providing a consistent moral compass for his children. His philanthropic efforts are an important key to shaping this outlook, and to instilling decent values in his family. Through his professional experiences, both in his own businesses and in advising others, Graham Zahoruiko has learned and internalized the all important values of responsibility and hard work, which he also wishes to impart to his children and those close to him. Of course, it is also important to take the time to pursue recreational activities that fulfill and rejuvenate you. For J Graham Zahoruiko this means hitting the open road on his motorcycle.